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And I’m ridiculously excited about it!

It took waaaAAAaaay to many hours but I learned some interesting things.  I can’t wait to share the sordid mess.  For now just a few little points:

  • So far it turns out that my favorite store to shop at is the cheapest one on my list.
  • Most of the items I priced were more expensive at the big warehouse store than at my favorite grocery store and almost half the things I wanted couldn’t be gotten there.
  • The grocery service that delivers to the house?  The one I claimed “saves my life” when speaking to my husband last week?  That one is absolutely more expensive than any other nearby option even BEFORE the $10 service charge.
  • Going out shopping alone on Saturday was strangely like getting out of the house for real.  Guess I’ll be doing it more now that I’ve discovered my beloved delivery service will break the bank.  *sigh*

Tomorrow: details, directions and pictures for all you other cheap skates.  I know you’re out there!


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